Fjords Advantages

Fjords Module sofa


If you compose your own furnishing with Fjords® Adventure and Fjords® ModuleTable, you will have a functional and comfortable experience.

Fjords Adventure
is a comfortable corner module which in combination with a high (FSH) and low (FSL) functional sofa provides stimulating furnishing solutions. Fjords® Adventure can be supplied with a practical table as a conclusion to small or large furnishing systems. 

Fjords ModuleTable
and Fjords ModuleTable Premium are practical connecting tables between the various sofa modules in the Fjords® program.
Fjords ModuleTable is a practical connection between various modules which provides good arm support, and an integrated storage space at the top makes this a very useful module in all systems.
Fjords ModuleTable Premium is a hand-made Norwegian product with a unique design and details. Laminated beech and special seams make this a high-quality product. Two integrated storage spaces and a practical PC support are included in the Premium model.